Goodrich Castle, Avebury Ring and the White Swan

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Drizzly morning as I packed and headed south.

First stop was Goodrich Castle. During the off-season this opens only on the weekend. But I hoped to catch a glimpse.
Mad that I am, I failed. There was a locked gate some 500m out, and visibility was down to 200m.

Was even worse crossing the Severn bridge. Could not see the top of the suspension towers.

Rode onto Avebury, to see how things have changed in 30+yrs.

But along the way, some practical stuff.

Bike was running low on fuel, so stopped, filled up and lub’d the chain. All this damp weather plays havoc with the chain 🙁

Next stop was at a pub, to have a late lunch. Should have kept on riding. Soup and bread were very nice, but took over an hour.

Arrived in Avebury to take his photo….. which is a terrible photo of the largest stone circle. Still, I think it does show the state of the weather. This is early afternoon.
So how did it compare to 30yrs ago? Well the weather was better last time. There were no carparks. Avebury pub was closer then I remember.

Talking of pubs, the next stop was the pub that I had booked yesterday, the White Swan. Took a bit of finding. (See TomTom moments below)
Parked. Unpacked. Had supper.
Pepper soup….


So, all’s well that ends well.

Still, the road was a weird one today. The TomTom gps was having lots of weird moments:
– sending me on side-roads for a short distance and then back onto the same main road
– coming up with random changes, including destination
– ending up by telling me that I am at the White Swan when I am in a dark country lane. Then I look, and the pub’s address is incorrect! Re-entered the correct pub, and luckily, only 5km left to ride. And before you start, I triple-check a destination before I ride.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the Dutch are as good at technology as they are at footie. Have you seen how useless their national team has been since the 70’s? Worse than England.
Useless Dutch programmer!
Goldmember was right!
Still. Am in the warm, dry pub. Full. And finishing my beer, whilst updating this blog, and contemplating the meaning of the universe. So the TomTom is not 100% useless.

ps:first bad Christmas joke……
“Some people drink too much at Christmas. They start with advocaat, and then it just snowballs” hahahahahaha