Up to a full breakfast 🙂

TLC for the bike.
Rode off to AFC Bournemouth.

Plan A. Get a ticket for tonight’s game with Leicester. Then book a room.

Plan B. Yup. No tickets. Begging. Playing the “Canada card”. Bribes. All to no avail 🙁

Rode over to Barry’s.
Luckily the wather had turned. Back to yesterday’s delight of mist, rain and dearth of sunlight. Sad but true. I enjoy this kind of weather. Even on a motorcycle.

However. The chain oil turned out to be a wuss. Could not cope. Even stationary, and under cover. I kid you not.
Some research.
A kind owner at Dynomite, sold me a can of some other stuff. Will let you know how it works out.

Arrived at Barry’s well after dark. I had lingered at AFC Bournemouth for quite some time. And returned, to linger some more.

In between, I had visited Dynomite and the cricket cafe. Home of mugs of tea, and the lost art of truck stop foods!

Barry had called me to say he would not be home till 7pm. what to do. What to do. hahahahaha
Took my life into my hands and walked to a pub.
Why so scary?
Car drivers do not see a lot, or they really want to run over pedestrians, even more than motorcyclists! They just seem to be in a hurry, and inconsiderate of other road users 🙁

Still 🙂
Am safely ensconced in a pub, waiting for Barry.
May it be a long wait 🙂

G’nite all.

Richard says:

Probably L’s not best game but a couple of good chances nevertheless..