Robert’s Birthday and More

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Would have written sooner, but too many curries, bottles of wine, and celebrating Robert’s birthday.

First curry gave rise to a chat on Gales Prize Old Ale. This is the modern version (post 1981) that had bubbles. I really like the old version, tasted like flat, burnt cork 🙂 Fullers took over Gales and now brews Gales beers, but no Prize Old. Still there are options listed. Have yet to try. Maybe when I get to London 🙂

Wednesday was Robert’s birthday.
I popped by with a gift and borrowed some ACF50 (a great anti-corrosion product). Off to the car-wash as the bike was very sandy. Think there was salt and sand on some of the roads to guard against the frost. Sprayed the bike down with ACF50 after the wash. And the chain with lube.
Off to the pub, where we all met up and drank beer, to Robert’s health. Except for me. I was riding so drank tea.

Stopped by enroute to Barry’s, to buy some real bacon, etc

Wednesday evening was a repeat of Tuesday. hahahaha. But more wine 🙂

Thursday was spent doing some planning, chatting, and cooking supper. Cabbage with bacon, and baked potato 🙂
Some wine. Not a lot.

Friday was some adjustment on a bike pannier then shopping. Found some of the items.
Back for apple pie with cream.
And just waiting for my favourite pub to open up.
PS: Will check on the opening hours for you…….