Pubs, Friends and Fog

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Friday night finished with a pint. But not in the Grapes. That was closed. Looked like a private function. Tried the Crown. Fuller’s pub. Was OK.

Saturday morning was another great breakfast at Barry’s 🙂

Went to check the bike and found that it would not start.
Had an error code stating the electronic alarm had been triggered. Weird. Then that the key was not being read. Then no error.
Bike had sounded as if the starter was duff. Pushed it a bit, but no change.
Took a look at the battery. Terminals a bit loose.
Barry provided a set of leads, attached to his Toyota Hilux, and the bike started. I let the bike run.
Meanwhile did some calling for advice.
Then moved the bike into the garage, switched off, and packed.
Joy of joys. When ready to leave, the bike started 🙂 🙂 🙂

First stop was Jock.
Short stop, but LOTS of fun.
And a cup of tea.

Found a place to stay in Weston-Super-Mare, and headed out.
Yup. The bike started, Even after standing in a cold and damp location for two hours:)

This was along highways/motorways, so OK for riding in the dark. Even with the fog.

Filled up and lub’d the chain just before Weston. The new oil seems pretty good:)

Found my B&B

Went in search of supper, which ended up being nice fish&chips. Eaten whilst I went in search of the beach where I learnt to kayak. Here it is……

On the way back home, I found an EXCELLENT pint of Directors beer:) The Criterion was a real pub. Could have stayed for more. Nice and smart barmaid. Friendly crowd.
But tomorrow we ride.

And I had to catch the highlights of Leicester vs Stoke.

stephen says:

Leicester – amazing come back

biker says:

Chaps from Leicester do have character 🙂