Catching Up to Christmas

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Rode over to Barnstaple, for the memories of my youth 🙂
Found a nice bowl of soup

Tavistock was an easy ride. No traffic. No need to look for twisties. All the roads are twisties!
Two days at a really nice BnB for a good rest.

Plymouth was a damp ride, that dried up as I did a walkabout

Panto was Ok, but a bit mean, and included swearing!?!?!
The Dolphin had good beer. Though I did have to walk past the Plymouth Gin distillery 😉

Next day saw me visit a little bit of Canada. The chapel where Simcoe is laid to rest

Then on to the Fleet Air Arm Museum.
With a nearby stay here

Did you spot the Haynes sign in the background? Yes. Here I am at the source of all those manuals that told you much of what you needed when working on a car. The books are now online and run out of the USA.
But there is a very nice museum around the corner.

Thence onto Barry’s. Where uncharacteristically I fell out of bed! I kid you not. Seems that every few years either Barry or I end up with a black eye. My turn……

Still. Eyes are good enough to enjoy a most EXCELLENT panto @ The Palladium

It was brilliant 🙂

And now it is Christmas morning.
You are all caught up.
My runny nose and cough are gone.
Here at the VSC they are taking excellent care of us.


Paul says:

U don’t do anything in halves!!!

biker says:

read on and count yourself lucky I did not visit…….