2016Dec29/30 – Bayeux

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Slept on the ferry.
Woke up in time to drink my thermos of tea, shave and brush my teeth.

I was last off the boat.
And 30mins later cleared customs.
Destination Bayeux!

Arrived in town, just as the sun was rising.
Cathedral looked nice.
Located the Bayeux Tapestry museum and found a space to park the bike.
Nice spot. Near a giant Christmas bauble, made of lights, in the square, front of the cathedral.

Got off the bike, and threw up. Or would have, if I had eaten anything. This mucus is not agreeing with my stomach.
Found a place to stay.
This is the worst flu/cold I have ever had. Period. I’d be a fool to ride further.

Parked the bike at the hotel, really early, and went to see the tapestry.
Funny thing, a replica was made by Ray Dugan, of the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in 1996.

This sight-seeing was hard work. My legs were not working too well. The brain was even slower.
Managed to walk to a motorcycle shop. But was closed 🙁
A bench across the street gave a place to rest. And it was in the sun 🙂 Also has curative powers.
France has red wine and sunshine a plenty. So has Spain. Hmmmm. Wonder why I am here 😉

Came back to the hotel, to find my room was ready.
Covered up the bike.
Had a rest.

Went out in search of local calvados and cidre. Not sure about the calvados, but the cidre was outstanding. Bought a bottle of Lecornu semi-sec.

Checked for some chance of bouillon at the various restaurants I passed by. Nothing. Best bet seems to be Chinese.
Nice Christmassy feel to Bayeux.

Back to the hotel for an early night.

Up late on Friday morning. Feeling better. Walking seems better. And I feel like eating! Yeah! This flu is going 🙂

Took in the Chinese. Soup was nice. Finished the rice but not the pork dish. Had declined dessert at the start. Just as well.

Went for a stroll in the sun.
Took in the Commonwealth War Graves. Rather sad statement, all those 4,644 graves. And the memorial across the road to those 1,800 who were never found.

Around the corner is a garden of rememberance to killed and missing journalists.

Back to the cathedral for a rest. Well, aside from the masses of tourists.

Next stop, the Bayeux MAHB museum.
Was a giggle reading the “academic” English 🙂

Back to the hotel and to update the blog.
Going to be an early night.
Gotta ride tomorrow.
Heading south.

Richard says:

Glad to hear you’re feeling better. The warmth of the sun is always a cure for me, along with a glass of local cheap wine, baguette and cheese.
Ride on young man, ride on.
Cheers and a Happy New Year!

biker says:

Many thanks 🙂
Is already warmer.
Will add 2 posts after this reply, to bring everting up to date.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and “the boy” 🙂

Robert says:

Happy New Year ! Glad you are feeling better; Eilene is still suffering from her cold, but will hopefully be back to normal soon.
I of course had man-flu which is much worse, but being a stoic shrugged it off so that I could go out drinking on Friday and Saturday.

I shall try and follow your journeys more closely in 2017 and look forward to you buying me a pint when you are next here.

Gan Canny!