Christmas Includes Robert&Eilene’s

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Happy Christmas everyone!

Christmas day included a brief stop for tea @ Claridges. Included carols! If you hurry to their site, you will see their magical Christmas decoration.

Boxing day we spent on the buses. Tons of fun for 5GBP. Random trips down memory lane. Of course Barry being old, gets to use his existing bus pass.
After a few hours of this, Barry went back to the hotel, and I went looking for the Good Friends restaurant.Everybody who was anybody used to go there Closed down some 2yrs ago 🙁
Still, got to see more of London.

And the next day home to Barry’s.
Motorcycle started AOK, even after 4 days in the open.
And my cold came back with a vengence. May be some truth in the curative properties of red wine.
No red wine, and I was sneezing like a “gud un”.
Went to bed early.

Awoke next morning feeling somewhat better.
Packed and bid adieu to Barry.
Headed down to the ferry, but first a stop at Robert&Eilene’s.

Christmas for me, for many a year, meant dinner at Robert&Eilene’s. Followed by a nap.
Was somewhat similar, in that partway through the conversation I had a nap.
A comfy sofa. Warm room. Deadly combination.
Also, unlike other years, I refused cups of tea, coffee, drinks, Christmas cake………the list goes on.
They had a similar bought of flu, courtesy of their son! So we were all in the same boat.
Still, I did feel mighty as I rode the few klicks to the ferry:)
Thank you Robert&Eilene.