Awoke just around 6:30am. At least 9hrs of good sleep 🙂
Went back to sleep, setting the alarm for 8am.
Awoke and off to breakfast. Usual fare. And just what was needed.

Took care of the bike.

Weather was as yesterday.
But not for long.
Moral of this story. Trust the TV weather forecast, not the Interent.

A white-out ensued, as I rode out of Bayeux. Visibility at times was down to 100metres. And everything was white. Painted by a deep frost. Awesome. Except for the fact I was riding.
Good news: The temperature was rising by a degree, the further that I headed South-West. So eventually, after a couple of hours, the frosty landscape had transitioned from a white-on-white, to a green-on-white. And then, to no frost.
I was begining to feel that I could ride for much longer, but needed to fill the bike up.

My mileage has dropped from 180km to 140km for half a tank. That is the time bikers start looking for the next station. Did not like the first one, so bashed onto the next, a Shell.
Filled up.
TLC for the bike, and an oil check (AOK).
Then in to see what there was for me. Sad to see North American cuisine is also over here at the petrol stations.
Luckily, this is France. Just a 100m away was a restarant that offered food. Even highway food is worth a try in France 🙂 Had a sausage and beans. Nice and tasty. Though the sight of the huge roast ham, was tempting.
By the time lunch was done, an hour had gone by. And I was glad of the short ride remaining.

The motel showed up quickly enough. And in I went.
Covered up the bike.
Took 5mins, then updated this blog. And reviewed the comments. THANKS for those who chat via the blog 🙂 🙂 🙂

Time to plan tomorrow.
G’nite all.