New Year’s Eve was Cold, Foggy and Frosty

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Up late, but feeling better.

The weather is supposed to be nasty here tomorrow.
A tad chilly today to start. With a few k’s due south supposed to be 6degC, including my destination of Tours.

Hotel Bayeux had been outstanding, during my illness. But the weather will not be warmer than today.

As I rode off, the amount of frost on the trees, and land, was enormous. Like the ice-storm in Quebec, but without the broken trees.
Pity the fog was down to 50m at times.
But as the fog moved back, the tableau was revealed, and it was outstanding. White on white on white. With the sun acting as a back-light.

And only 10km later, the sun came out. The temperature rose from -2degC to 4degC. Happy trails, I was thinking.

It was a trap.
40km later, the frost was in evidence again, just as vibrant. But much colder at minus 5degC. Happily the fog stayed at 100m or much further.
The next 230+kms were a character-building exercise. I was glad that I had already booked the hotel. Otherwise I would have stopped anywhere along the route. And would still have had to ride the remaining distance.
The so-so fish and veg at a service-station, gave me energy to continue. Plus a few sips of Orangina. The outstanding vistas also helped.

Arriving at Tours in the dark, I found the hotel, unpacked, researched my next leg, showered, and fell into bed.
Whilst France does excellent cabaret shows, even that was not enough to keep me awake. Fell asleep WELL before midnight.

Guess these online weather forecasts are not to be trusted!!!