Up late. Not up for breakfast, but needed a cuppa. Provided gratis by the staff 🙂 Maybe because we had the same taste in bistro furniture. Here’s the 4-seater set. Not sure where our 2-seater set has disappeared to. I really liked the two-seater version.

Out on the road with the temperature only 1degC. Luckily the temperature did start climbing as I headed south.

First stop, an hour and a half down the road, was a petrol station under construction. Traffic was heavy in the car park, so I parked on the sidewalk and headed in for breakfast. A piece of custard tart was the choice for me. Shared a table with a French family, 2 young girls, so my sympathy goes out to the father. I wished him “Bonne Chance” as I left.

Ran the rest of the way to my billet in Pau.

Have an apartment for 2 nights.
Gives a chance for R&R and some home cooking. Yes, my appetite is back 🙂 Still a cough, and a dripping nose. But the strength is back. And once on the bike, all is normal.

Was given directions to an automotive shop, but they did not have anything that I recognized. They did not speak English, and my French was insufficient, so I left without any chain lube.

Buying some groceries, I returned to the appartment and made supper. That was all I had the energy for, so went to bed.

This morning, up and a cuppa.
Had prepared the flask last night. I always travel with a flask. Stuart’s idea. Some 40yrs ago. Been using it ever since.

Had researched a motorcycle store. They had the pukka chain lube, even if at 28Euro’s.

Picked up some Toulouse sausages, and made lunch.
Had a nap.

Thence back to the Musee dez Parachutists. Last visited June 8th, when the weather was MUCH nicer!
Well worth a second visit. Changes made, since even 6mths ago.
And it is free 🙂

Then wash the bike.
Had picked up some salt in the last 2 days. Even here, salt is used on the road. Wash point was gentle, but thorough.
And the new chain lube applied.

Back to the appartment, and laundry.
Made supper.
Updated this blog.

Spain tomorrow.
Though TomTom is insistent that I ride over the mountains 🙁