Up early for breakfast. I like having a kitchen.

Then started packing, showered and dressed.
Went out to the bike to find it frozen. Literally. The main switch, which locks the steering, and the one pannier. Must have stayed damp after yesterday’s washing. Thought the ride and leaving it in the sun was enough.
The fix? Kettle of boiling water. Then leave the bike in the sun.

Consequently, headed out later than expected. Was minus 2degC and misty. Ran for the coast. Needed a couple of stops.

And then nirvana.
As I crossed into Spain, the sun came out, and the temperature jumped to 8degC 🙂 🙂 🙂

My plan was to head across the hills, but with these fine skies and warmth, I figured on an extra 100k to Burgos.
None of it looked familiar as I rode in. Seemed bigger than I remembered it. And though the temperature had climbed to 11degC, Burgos was shrouded in mist. Seems to be at a gap in several sets of hills. But still, even at 8pm the temperature is 5degC.

The hotel was sneakily tucked away, but that’s what the big sidewalks are for, to help bikers get to the front door 😉
Had booked a sister hotel to the one I stayed at last time. Thought it was the same one. Ooooops. But very spacious, well appointed and right downtown.
Two minutes walk to the theatre, that seems to be having a panto-type of event.

After my evening stroll, (have parked the bike underground to keep it warm), I came back to the hotel, drank my tea and updated this blog.

Next steps, find somewhere nice in Madrid……..

PS: Just bumped into this quote from J.R.R. Tolkien, “Not all those who wander are lost.” I resemble that remark 🙂

June says:

Glad you’re feeling better
Happy New Year 2017

biker says:

No King of Gondor here.
Maybe King of the Road 🙂

Thanks for the best wishes.
Cough is down to a tickle. Must be the sunshine and fresh squeezed orange juice.