Sunday ride from Madrid to Valladolid

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Sunday morning, and sent the rest of the Christmas greetings.
Took my bike out of parking and onto the sidewalk.
Still had time for breakfast.
Then on the road.

I enjoyed my time at Leonardo’s.
Place was nice. Really nice.
Only Spanish heard in the streets and bars. And just a short walk into downtown.

The ride out of Madrid was easy. VERY little traffic. Blue skies. This is biking country 🙂
Even when the temperature dropped to 4degC, the sun made the ride enjoyable.

Arrived safely at the apartment hotel, a few clicks out of the city centre.
Am here for a week, so nice to have an apartment.

TLC for the bike.
Then out for a stroll.
Found a pizza parlour.
Personal pizza (anchovy), glass of nice red wine and a cafe con leche for 8euros 🙂
Think I am going to like it here.

June says:

A whole week in one place!
You’ll be getting itchy feet. Ènjoy the break

biker says:

Still some riding to be done 🙂
Then head south for some Pedro Ximenez. Later, will cross the border into the Algarve, to hook up with friends from the MBA