Ukrainian Christmas in Madrid

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Well. Of all the things that I have queued for, this is the first church queue

for me 🙂 And shortly after, two coach loads seemed to arrive.

The service was fun and finshed just after midnight.

No offers of kuttya afterwards.
Maybe I do look like a mean biker instead of a callow youth 😉
Headed home, with a glass of rioja enroute.

Saturday up for breakfast, then start my Christmas wishes.
Took a break to buy a ticket for a show tonight, just around the corner. The online system could not handle Canadian details.

Having bought the ticket at the box office, I walked past the Beer Parlour.
What? Walking PAST a beer parlour?
So I retraced my steps and went in…….

Was supposed to be only one bottle, but the beer was so good. As was the paella, cooked as I watched 🙂

More calls and messages, then back for the show.

My command of Spanish is pocito at best. But I chose wisely.
Having given a vacuum hose recital in the past, I was really impressed by the skills these chaps displayed. And the humour!
Scroll to the bottom of their link to see a short clip of their performance.

Walked past the Beer Parlour to a little cafe, for supper and rioja 🙂

I would have sent more greetings, but seems those 8% beers caught up with me 🙂

Khrystos vrodivsya!