Registered for Los Pinguinos

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Monday meant a ride into town, to a motorcycle shop. However, this final week, tickets only available from the tourist office, so off I rode.
Found the office. Signed up. The kind ladies were impressed that I came all the way from Canada. But thought I looked older than my 27yrs 😉

Came home for lunch, then laundry.

Doing laundry included a glass of Pedro Ximenez

At 6euros a bottle, this is the bargain of the century 🙂

Tuesday morning up and off for a stroll. Needed a few more items. Plus more exploring.

Made lunch.
A nap.
Then off to meet Amelia.

Met two kind police officers who helped me get to the cafe, really early, where I was to meet Amelia. I allow plenty of time for getting lost. Multiple times. But the kind officers meant I was lost only the once.
Amelia came along, with news that the radio was talking about a Canadian who had registered for Los Pinguinos, and was staying in a hotel. Who would have thunk that? Two of us 😉
I had reviewed the agenda for the rally. But needed a second opinion.
Amelia was able to confirm, over tea, that much of the event takes place late. How late? Last event starts at 2am.
Amelia also confirmed that there will be strippers onstage! This is not like Canada, or the USA.
Bring back the Spanish Inquisition!!! What kind of moral turpitude will I have to suffer?

After tea and translation, we took a stroll downtown.
Christmas lights were off. Shame that. Mine stayed on till Easter!

We said our goodbyes.
I came back home for a cheese n onion sandwich 🙂

Updated this blog.

Then time for bed.
G’nite all

ps: for my Canadian readers, even at 8pm the temperature was still 9degC – “Oh Canada”

June says:

The event looks big and impressive.
My Spanish is not good, but why Penguins? I wonder.
Good Luck x

biker says:

Sometimes they really do have snow!
But not this year 🙂