Thursday saw me the first of Los Pinguinos to arrive on-site. Should have come later. Rode through the arena which was still soft. Bike tried falling over left and right, multiple times, but all that practise of falling over came to my aid. haha

Parked up on some firmer ground and was immediately nabbed by two sets of media for an interview. Canadians are a rare type of Pinguinos. And they had heard that there was one around 🙂

Went to the office and sorted out details for the road trips over the next two days, then went off shopping.

I know. I know. Not a biker thing to do. But Spain does not do tea properly. The apartment does not come with a kettle. According to Amelia, and the receptionist, most people use the microwave. yeah gods! Amelia’s reaction too, having lived in the UK for many a year!
Also my 6yr old Mark&Sparks pantelones are on their last legs.
Amelia had suggested a store and I went there. No pantelones, but a nice kettle.

Back home I relished multiple cups of tea.

Long nap.
Updated my diary.
Then to bed.

Up on Friday morning to find the hotel wifi still down 🙁
Had breakfast.
Got in a few supplies.

Then down to the rally.
Sunny, but windy.
Still. Beats snow.

We are about to go on a ride.

Adios, mi amigos