My last blog entry had me on Friday afternoon back at the Los Pinguinos site. Just about to head off on a ride, to a little town some 20km south of the campsite.
The ride was duly completed.Though, the convoy-drills left a lot to be desired. In North America you are nearly always riding in convoys, and have the rules impressed each time. It’s all about safety and staying together as a group. So you are offset from the biker next to you, and a safe distane behind the bike in front of you. Here, everyone just threw themselves onto the road, in Napoli fashion, and we all arrived safely.

The little town was setup for two madmen doing stunts on a variety of bikes, including a unicycle!

By the way, today is Friday the Thirteenth, so this counted as my virtual ride to Port Dover.

I bailed early, so that I could have a nap, and not have to ride en-mass in the dark.

Back home, I had bite to eat, a nap and still managed to be onsite in time for the first band 🙂

Stayed till almost midnight, by which time I was cold and tired. How cold? Returning to the bike I found it covered in frost.

A short ride (3.8km) took me home and to a warm bed.

Saturday saw me up and off to the Los Pinguinos site in time to join the Valladolid ride, that set off at noon. There were a lot more bikers around. Took an hour to cover a distance that should take 15mins. There were bikers everywhere.
We parked up, near and around the Campo Grande, which is, as you may guess by it’s name, the biggest park in Valladolid 🙂
There were the two stunt riders showing off again. But I met Amelia, her uncle and two aunties. Really nice people. They bought me tapas and a naranjas 🙂 Well the uncle did 😉
Then a bit of a stroll in the sun with Amelia.

Back home, I did some shopping so I could cook lunch. A really late lunch.
After which I had a nap.
Then back on my bike and off to the concert.

This time I managed till just after 1am.
And yes, there was a stripper on stage! I did not know where to look. Don’t get this in Canadian motorcycle rallies! And probably just as well. I don’t get this stripper culture. Even though Al ran a couple of places in Ontario, and I visited both. But that’s a long story for another time.
The last band that came on, was my introduction to Spanish-Celtic music. Not bad.
But I left before the end of the gig, as I was tired, and had to be up early on Sunday.
Home to a pork belly butty, followed by a glass of Pedro Ximenez. Then sleep 🙂

Sunday morning saw me up, cup of tea and off for breakfast at the Pinguinos site.

There were speeches (short) by the mayor and head of the tourist board. Followed by inductions into the Pinguinos “hall of fame”. Then prizes.
This is mine,

for being a famous Canadian! hahaha.
You had to be in a certain bar in Southampton in 1984 to understand the origins of the phrase “famous Canadian”. Can you name any?

Don’t think I am famous? See……

How do you spot a Canadian abroad? He’s the one in a t-shirt when the local populace has on hats, scarves, warm coat and gloves! hahahaha

After my award, I was buttonholed by a kind gentleman (Joaquin) from Sevilla. Turns out he worked the Great Lakes in his youth. And speaks very good English. So we had a chat. Which turned into a longer chat downtown and a coffee. Nice 🙂

Just so everyone is aware of the value proposition at Los Pinguinos. 20euros gets you a campsite and free wood for three nights, entertainment each night, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings, munches/treats throughout the weekend AND door prizes! Two scooters were the final two door prizes!

How big was the event! 22,000++ people attended! I kid you not.

A great event.

In many ways, I missed my tent. I could have partaken of the Los Pinguinos Vermouth. Hung out at campfires. And gotten to know a few more people.
But the comfy bed, in a comfy apartment, with indoor parking was nice too.

Talking of bed.
It’s time for bed.
And time to dream of next weekend’s rally. hmmmmm

G’nite all.

Richard says:

Yay! More souvenirs to pack on your ride. But worth it.

biker says:

Have mailed it to Canada.
As a momento of being a famous Canadian, priceless!