Minus 8degC in Spain?

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Yes that was the horror when I awoke.
What happened?
Unbeknown to AccuWeather, a cold front hit Spain. Looked like snow in Madrid.
Still, had warmed up to -5degC by the time I was packed and ready to go.

Headed south-west for a couple of hours. The last half-hour at a joyful 7degC.
Was time to refuel. So did. And found there was a wash-point, so got rid of the salt. Full TLC for the bike.
Bought a bun and some salami to make a sandwich. Eaten whilst catching up on my emails.

Back on the road and to the hotel.

Lessons learned with TomTom: check the address location. TomTom is not very good at addresses. Last night after making the reservation, I checked the TomTom location with the Google Map that ‘booking.com’ provides. TomTom was off, by quite a bit. Set the correct location.
The result? Arrived at the front door, literally.

Updated this blog. Whilst partaking of my Pedro Ximenez 🙂

Now off to explore Merida

Robert says:

Almost balmy here in Portsmouth by comparison.

Remind me : why did you head for Spain and the sunshine?

You should blame the weather on BREXIT. Everything else seems to be down to UK voting out if you listen to the BBC.

LoL 🙂

biker says:


All AOK now. And should be warmer in Sevilla on Friday 🙂