Headed out yesterday evening.
First stop was the aqueduct nearby the hotel

Then across the river and headed downtown. To the Tourist Information Centre. Had a nice cafe solo and a vino tinto
in the attached cafe.
The amount of tourist information however is best summed up by the useless chikka in the office! No idea about any of the main sites.

So I walked over to the amphitheatre, where there was a proper Tourist Information Centre.
They suggested Diana’s Temple and The Arch this evening, as most places close by 6pm.
So I headed out to Diane’s Temple…..
which really was dedicated to the Emperor, and other deities.
The Arc de Trajan was a short stroll away. Through nice squares, streets and buildings.

There was a bar built into the arch, that provided another vino tinto.

And then a walk home via a recommended restaurant, Las Rozas.

Followed by a bass supper….

Ending with a cafe solo, and this from the barman 🙂

Thence a short walk to bed 🙂

Thursday morning was bright and sunny.

I had been trying to update my TomTom last night, and found this morning no better.
So I booked my next stop, Sevilla. Why Sevilla? I am determined to find the nun’s bakery that I missed the last time!

Then to the Museo de Romano Art, which is a neat building. And lots to see.
The labels are often useless. eg:”spear point” for a spear point, with no idea of the type of spear, or age.
Neat idea to use Roman-style bricks and arches.
Plus the sky-lights are clever. Let in light but not the sun.

Then back to the Tourist Information office to buy a ticket to all attractions. All that is, except for the museum just visited.

I walked down to the Alcazaba. Luckily I managed to get lost, so I walked up to the Puente Romano along the park. A nice way to get to the bridge and see the palace.
Then along the Puente to the Alcazaba.
The water cistern impressed me the most. Clever engineering.
And the length of the bridge. Impressive engineering.

Then back up to the amphitheatre and theatre, both on the same site.
The theatre puts on shows in the summer.

Talking of which, the weather had warmed up so much, that I had to carry my jacket.

Then wandered over to the Circus.
Shades of Ben Hur? Not really. But a sense of what skills were needed.
And another aqueduct nearby.

Back to the hotel for tea and a nap.
The tea included half of a roast chicken that I picked up just after the Circus. Nicely done, with real gravy, and fresh, warm bread 🙂

Merida is definitely worth a visit 🙂

Had another go at updating TomTom, but came to the conclusion that the Dutch have given up on it.

Then out for a stroll, and pickup some fruit and munchies.

Back to update this blog.

And thence to bed.
G’nite all.