Was a tad chilly for most of the way to Sevilla. Around 5degC, but cloudy and dark. Sounds like Britain! hahahahaha

Pulled over at a random restaurant some 60km out of Sevilla. Had a cafe solo and then asked if they had sopa (soup). They did and I had a bowl. Perfect. Had everything. Better than Popeye’s spinach 🙂

Filled up the bike from my rotoPax and rode on.

Sevilla quickly came into view.
And the petrol station.
A fellow biker asked me about handlebar muffs, and we had quite the conversation. Amazing what you can do with a few words of Spanish.

Sevilla looked nothing like the place Barry and I visited in 2012. Much bigger.

The hotel kind of came into view. Hard to tell. TomTom had some kind of a hissy fit. I knew I was very close, but then the screen went blank.
Parked the bike then walked around and found the hotel.
Nice place.
Unpacked and covered up the bike.

Then I went in seach of a nun.
Well. One of their bakeries.
Found the Tourist Information centre. Not as easy as you would expect. The hotel map had them in a totally different area.
Still, I ended up walking similar areas (remember the trams Barry?) as in 2012.

Went to St Leonards……..

What you are looking at is the top of a wooden box, holding a pound of sugar-coated cake-based “kisses”.
And the lazy susan that you put your money on, and shout your order into. I kid you not. You never see the nun!

Back at the hotel, I watched the sun going down…….

You can see two of the “kisses”.
And yes, that is a glass of PX 🙂

A nap, then out to Los Coloniales.
Two glasses of wine, an aqua minerale and a delicious plate of marinated carrots……

Oh how I miss garlic!!!
This was TASTY and FILLING.

Walked back to the hotel WITHOUT getting lost. The streets have more twists and turns than a politician’s thought processes 😉

No room tomorrow. So will head out. Jerez, Cadiz or Gibraltar?
Decisions. Decisions.

G’nite all

stephen says:

Nice view from the hotel-great history

biker says:

Sevilla seems really nice. Wanted to spend more time. Shall go back 🙂