Up and finish yesterday’s blog.
Then off to have my laundry done.

Next stop was a flamenca place that I had been to in 2012.

Was outstanding. Had never seen proper flamenca. So impressive that I bought all the performers a drink. They were semi-pro’s. This generosity convinced the bartender that I was Russian Mafia! hahahahahahahaha
Barry was fast asleep at the hotel, so missed out. On the performance, and the free drink ๐Ÿ™‚
Seriously good performance in a non-descript building tucked behind a church.

Next stop was my favourite dessert place. Who can resist one of these

OK. So I could not resist the real cream either ๐Ÿ™‚

A bit more of a stroll. Then off for an EXCELLENT lunch.
Appetiser of poached eggs, dusted with breadcumbs, placed on top of truffled potatos with chorizo

Then cola de toro on mash, with crispy kale on a crisp, and a mayo stripe

Both excellent dishes! And please note the photos are not to scale. All washed down with water. Riding tomorrow.

Back to the hotel for a nap, then pickup my laundry.

Last chore of the day was to pickup some lavender oil. Which I eventually found, once I remembered one of the shops spotted on my walkabouts.
Tip: always carry lavender oil and super-glue in your first-aid kit.

Back to the hotel, and finish off my thermos of green tea. New. Bought yesterday. The tea, that is. Quite nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Prepped for my departure.
And did some more research on Maroc.

Happy Rabbie Burns Day.