Algeciras and Gibraltar

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Thursday morning I packed and bid farewell to Jerez. Was a nice easy run into Algeciras, with green hills and lakes enhancing the view.

First stop was the BMW dealership, where they let me know that they could service my bike today 🙂

Found a hotel.
Booked in.
Rode back to the dealership. Early. So I had time to take the handlebar-muffs off the bike before the service.
Service was quick, effective and friendly.
Hopped on the bike just as the rain started. Glad I booked a place only a couple of klicks away. And a primo parking spot, by the front door, under shelter.

Covered up the bike.
Undressed. Just the motorcycle gear. It was damp.
A bit more research on Morocco.

Friday saw me up, breakfast and delivering the bottle of PX to the mechanic. He was happy. Me too. Deserving cause. AND, I will not be entering a muslim country with alcohol.

Decided that Gibraltar was worth a ride. Rained again. This time heavy, till I arrived on the outskirts. Still. These are european distances 🙂

Practiced my psychic navigation and found a nice spot where I could park, and cover up the bike.
A short stroll, through the new Commonwealth Park, took me to Main Street.
Lo and behold, there was a Marks&Sparks ! I need to replace my “posh” trousers, but they have refreshed their clothing line in 7yrs. Really miss the old Marks&Sparks, who always seemed to carry the same stuff. Another blow was finding out the food hall did not carry scotch eggs 🙁
Consoled myself with a bowl of nice vegetable soup.

Followed Main Street to Casemates Square, where Barry and I had Fish’Chips in 2012. Not so good this time, but then I could not remember which restaurant we went to last time. And when I called Barry, he remembered the same as me, that the chippy was blue. Trouble was, they were all blue. hahahaha

Walked back to the bike, ducking into the the oldest bar in Gib, as the rain had started again. Earl Grey and the rain finished at the same time.

Waylaid by the Gibraltar Museum. Small place, but only 2GBP entrance fee. And quite a breadth of experiences.

On the bike and headed home.
Traffic jam!!!
Luckily there is a seperate bike lane out of Gib. I kid you not. More than just the white line. However, the next 10km were just traffic. It really is hard work on a bike. Lots of people helped by moving over, about 40%

Once back in the hotel, a sandwich and update this blog.
Tangier tomorrow 🙂

Richard says:

What? No Battenberg Cake from M&S? I would also have bout more undies.

biker says:

Battenburg cake! I forgot about that!
Had some baklava (already) in Tanger