Saturday meant sunshine and blue skies again 🙂
The ride to Tarifa was pretty, if windy. Which is why windsurfers flock here.

Found the port and bought a ticket for this boat

Still had plenty of time for a stroll around the old town, and a pastry.

Moroccan customs were convoluted. Paperwork was processed on-board. Then there was another process connected to the vehicle. This involved completing another set of paperwork, going upstairs and showing the boat stamp in your passport to another customs officer, coming back downstairs, being handed some of the completed paperwork, and then riding off. There were all sorts of people trying to latch onto you upstairs. Ukrainian comes in handy, though there are Russian speakers.
Customs on land took best part of an hour. Which is funny, seeing as the boat trip takes only half an hour.

Tanger seems to be having a construction boom.
I rode along the coast for a bit, and ended up at a mall with a bank (for cash) and a Maroc Telecom shop (SIM card). SIM card was a bit of a struggle, and requires your passport details.

Most transactions in Maroc (Morocco) are cash based, so Dirhams are required.

Using Google I navigated to the hotel. Quite the challenge as I am in the old part of town, with narrow streets and steep hills. Road surfaces are a bit iffy at times.
And every time you stop someone is trying to sell you something. A restaurant, hotel or hashish!

Parked the bike. Glad I walked up and checked the place out first. Very steep hill, narrow street, with loads of pedestrians, some traffic, and lots of parked cars.

Hotel restaurant opened at 8pm so I still had time for a walkabout. Got lost. Lots of times. Worst navigation environment ever 🙂 Narrow alleys. Twists and turns with lots of sudden endings. I survived.
And picked up some backlava 🙂

Did some research for Sunday’s walkabout.

Then downstairs for supper

And, yes. That is real mint tea 🙂

Stepped out onto the street for an eye-opener. I’d parked in front of the hotel upon my arrival. Near to a no parking sign that appeared to be for an electrical panel. Turned out it was a garage for a motorcycle!

And with that smile, I went to bed.

Richard says:

That looks like quite the ferry. hahahaha 1/2 an hour boat ride and longer to process the passengers. Have a good trip mate.

biker says: