Up in the morning to add a blog ref yesterday. Though I use the term, up, loosely. I was awake. Just laid in bed. Gotta love the Internet.

Had a cuppa, courtesy of my kettle. Made the day/night before, it is ready in my thermos when I need it.
My thanks to Stuart for teaching me this 🙂

Did a spot of checking on the bike. Thought I had parked correctly, but you never know if the ground softens overnight. All was well, so went walkabout.

The Sultan’s Palace was closed, due to rennovations. That or I was lost again!

Headed off to Cafe Hafa. Here is the view….

Had a tea, harira (soup) and chicken. Took over two hours. I know that because the ferry came in twice 🙂 And a container ship passed across the straits.
Service is “shwey-shwey”, but that gave me longer to enjoy the view. People watching, as well as the waters.

Back to the hotel, picking up some baklava enroute.

A quick sippers of tea, then out to get some cash.

On my return, I thought I should visit the kasbah, as it is right there. Spent an hour lost. How do I know? Walked past a few spots twice! hahahahahaha
But arrived safely to update this blog.

PS: this picture was painted over a couple of hours last night. It’s 3metres tall. How do I know it was done last night? Watched some of it……