Tanger Departure to Meknes

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So I packed and was ready to go

Had been easier than expected to get the bike to the Hotel. Though parking was only 120m up the hill, I had to go “around the houses”, negotiating the one way systems. Luckily I had been lost in this area on my arrival, and had done some walking too. It all paid off 🙂

Same on the way south to Rabat. The lessons learnt in the kasbah paid off. Follow the traffic 🙂

Soon I was on the toll road, zooming along.
Several things struck me
(1) swamp land in Morocco? I kid you not! Estuaries. River flood plains. And swamps?
(2) people walking along and across the highway!
(3) buses can be flagged down
(4) pricing similar to Europe!
(5) easy to miss your exit

Having missed my exit, I took the first recognizable sign-post, which happened to be Fez.

Kept running to Fez until a sign for Meknes. Then turned onto a really small road and headed south-ish. Shades of Ukraiina and Trinidad. Narrow road, with big pot-holes, all over the place. Still, I could manage 60km/hr.

Used my cell-phone for the last 5km, finding the hotel readily.
Parked up in-front.
Took this photo from my balcony…..

Then went walkabout. Nothing struck me as feasible for supper. So came back to the hotel for sushi. Should have checked. It has been closed for 2yrs.
Luckily I have my tea and carry some munchies.

Was a long day. 6hrs on the road including two stops.

G’nite all.

Stephen says:

I hope you secure your motor bike successfully

biker says:

In front has 24hr security and lights 🙂
Plus Maroc is full of nice people 🙂

Richard says:

Do I detect some sort of a human orb in the bottom of the picture? Is that you? Lovely sky.

biker says:

Only if I paint my “dome” green!
It is the Maison de la Culture building.