After breakfast, rode over to Fez. Took the scenic route.
Picked up a “guide” even before I arrived in the city centre. No matter what I said he persisted in following me. But I was doing only a drive-by. Taking these photos…..

…… the start of the pedestrian area.
And this…..

…… where I was trying to capture the geography.
Fez used to consist of two cities: one buit by Idrid in 789AD; and across the river, his son built another city. Kids! hahahaha

Finished my tea and rode on to Volubilis. As I parked up, another biker (Alessandro) arrived. First traveller I have seen in Morocco.
I gave the bike some TLC and then had this for a late lunch, or tea…..

It had been 7 hours since breakfast, but even so, really tasty chicken with VEGETABLES! Yes. I have been missing vegetables. See them for sale on the roadsides, but no cooking facilities.

Went into the Roman city and met up with Alessandro again. We chatted. He is a graphic designer for a magazine and lives in central Italy on the east coast. Rides a Honda Africa Twin. We rode back to Meknes together. Our hotels are only 700m apart.

Alessandro and I met up at 8pm and headed out for supper.
Found a cheap and cheerful place. Really cheap. But they closed after we had our bowls of harira. Soup not as tasty as Cafe Hafa, but the potato fritters were excellent.
Went onto a pub/restaurant, where Alessandro had a shashlik, and I a beef curry. Plus we toasted Alessandro’s bithday, on February 1st 🙂


PS: I am including this long range shot of Volubilis……

……to show how green Morroco is at this time of the year. And why so green? Well it was raining all the time we were out last night!