Wednesday was a Meknes walkabout and planning day. Was fun. Shades of Beau Geste as I walked along the walls.
By the way, the motorcycle parking is a bit different here 😉

Back to Marhaba for lunch, chicken tahjine.
that came with a loaf of bread, and small fries.

As I walked towards the hotel, saw a nice patio, so had a mint tea

Back at the hotel I had a nap, then did some research. Alessandro convinced me to run to Merzouga, across the Atlas mountains. Weather should be chilly, but above zero all the way.

Downloaded a new app, Navfree, on my phone. Map of Maroc, and works offline. Will see how this goes.

Then an early night.

Thursday up and move the bike onto the road. Once packed the bike is too wide and heavy to safely depart the hotel. I clipped the hotel sign, gently, on Tuesday, enroute to Fez.

Updated this blog.
Ready to go.

See you soon 🙂