Running south was fairly easy. Just why was it getting colder? And why were my ears popping?

Decided to stop in Azrou for lunch, and glad I did…..

Food was tasty, and included vegetables! An expresso, and I was good to go.
During lunch, I had booked a place in Midelt, as the first hour had already been hard work. Did not want to go much further then another two or three hours. The cold saps your energy and slows the mind.

A half hour down the road I had to stop and put on another jacket. Why? See below…..

Nice to see people having fun in the snow. Almost made me homesick. Almost.
Well. Almost, almost.

The ride through the Mid Atlas mountains was beautiful. Snow dusted mountains as far as the eye could see.

Was almost a shame to come down into the valley. But 15degC beats 4degC. Especially on a bike.

Found my hotel.
TLC for the bike.

Powered up my laptop to catch up on TomTom’s help.
I was daft enough yesterday to ask for their help. And yes you’ve guessed it, they were no help.
So I tried to help them through their “confusion” and am eagerly awaiting their next bit of “help”.

Closed the laptop and sat down to supper. Finally managed to get some cous-cous 🙂

And then an early night I think.

Did some checking today, and my next leg is another 3+hrs. Then the last 50km seems to be a further 2+hrs. Hmmmm. Just how hard is that road? 25kph is an average speed BELOW that in Ukraiina. And those roads were really bad!

June says:

I wonder if Tom Tom have heard of the Which consumer magazine – You could be a secret shopper on their behalf, for all they know!
Take care on those roads out there

biker says:

I have a moron (does nor respond to the written text) trying to help with the TomTom connectivity issue.
It’s just simple curiosity now on my part, trying to see what mis-information I receive next.

June says:

Queue for a pantomime?
“You have reached your destination.”
“Oh no, I haven’t !”

biker says:

My favourite silly joke.

I was standing behind an old man, peering at the bank machine.
He asked me to check his balance.
So I pushed.
He fell over!
Not good balance 😉

June says:

Ha ha ha ha