Had a nice restful day yesterday.
TLC for the bike.
Stories from the Beeb for me.
Shower. Hot water though it took it’s time. Shades of scout camp.

So up on time.
Checked tire pressures.
Rode off, more gingerly then my arrival. Riding on sand is akin to riding on tiny marbles.

Went the wrong way, but that allowed me to see the southern portion of the desert.
By the way, my photos do not do justice to the colours of the sand. Especially the pinks they can display.

Ran back into Rissani, then took off towards Azdg.
Scenery was flat dark dessert with jagged hills. This area was volcanic, once upon a time. And it did go on and on.
All was well till till Tazarine. Had a nice tajine, with goat (I think). Coffee and water. Ready to go. What could go wrong?
I took the wrong turn, heading towards Zagora. Mea culpa. I did not double-check the turn, as the other town on the sign looked correct.Cost me 2hrs by the time I sorted myself out. Maybe I should have gone to Zagora?

Ran along looking for Azdg, but no signs. Had a standby place in mind but must have ridden through it. Most places do not have their name posted.

Maroc Telecom does have the reputation for max coverage, but even they do not have much for most of this route. Neither of my mapping apps were of any use. So I guess NavFree is not that smart offline 🙁

The sunset was nice.
And I rode into another town. Saw one sign for Ouarazazate, pointing straight to a roundabout. The alley that was straight ahead seemed wrong, so I turned left and stopped.
Still no data service from MT, so I reverted to old-school.
Lo and behold, I was in Azdg!

Now normal people would have found a hotel, and called it a day. Idiots just carry on. hahahaha
Topped up with fuel, confirmed the route, and carried on.
Did not see any likely places in my ride through Azdg, and Booking-dot-com had most hotels well off the main road. Off-roading in the dark is not a good thing. Little did I know.

The road out of Azdg was slightly busy, so I could find a car to follow. Their headlights are much better. And all cars have a tendency to drive in the middle of the road, so it is nice to have a blocker.
The road turned twisty, and I swear the same VW Tourag that have passed me twice already, passed me again. I followed but on the twisties, the VW was travelling too fast for my comfort.
The twisties were also climbing. Temperatures that had reached 28degC were falling to 15degC.
Allah then put an orange van in my way. Luckily. Acted as a pathfinder.
Needed one. There were roadworks every kilometer, some of them a kilometre long. So in the dark, on twisties, I had to contend with sand, gravel and holes. Sometimes all at the same time.
Roadworks are different here. Roadworks can describe a detour into the desert, or road surfaces in various stages of rework. You never knew which. So nice to have a pathfinder.
Some ways along a coach popped in between us, and then overtook the van. I, being an idiot, followed the coach. Thought the road was better from here on in. Wrong! And now I had billowing clouds of dust to ride in. Coach driver was keeping to a schedule!
Also, the coach was a much bigger blocker than the van:)

Ended up in a town, but still no data service.
Rode on till I saw a sign stating Ouarazazate only 2km on the right, at a roundabout.
Swung right and followed the traffic. Came to a roundabout and my psychic navigating took over. Turned into a dark lane that led me to this hotel.
Nice place.
Wifi only in reception.

So I did not find out that Leicester had lost again, until late. They are only one point above the relegation zone 🙁

And just now found that Cameroon won the Africa Cup 🙂
Roger Milla! I know he was not playing, but grew to like the team in 1990, where he was “super sub” 🙂

G’nite all.