Monday and the Road to Marrakech

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Well, that was a lot better. 263km in 4.5hrs including a stop here

The road had been twisty, climbing and full of wonder. The river valley flood plain was green. The hills and mountains, were various shades of red, browns and tints of green. Took me a while to figure out that the tufts of scrub grass were providing the green tinge.

Blue skies all the way.
And temperatures between 17 and 27degC. Sometimes the higher up the mountains you rode the warmer it became!

I’d been riding up and along, for some 3 hours, Had to stop, and chose the next likey spot. Which turned out to have fresh squeezed OJ, good coffee and Oulimes (my fav sparkling water).
Plus the view, above.

If you look closely you will see a village, and garden terraces (green), running down to the valley floor.

And that is how it was on the north side of the Atlas mountains. Hillsides were all terraced and green. In fact there was some melt-water on the road.
And though there were some roadworks, it was nothing like Sunday 🙂 Much upgrading taken place already. I was in favour of the passing lanes.

Found it easier to rely on the roadsigns pointing to Marrakech. Till I arrived at a roundabout, with two different exits to Marrakech. Looked at NavFree and it told me to go right, but not clear as to which right. I was looking for a major road, the N8, so when I found one, used my psychic abilities and turned right 🙂
BMW was much nearer than NavFree stated. I rode up and parked.

Once Soufiane (service manager) took charge, everything went well. Except that I must have misread the oil level It was at MAX, not above. Did I look an idiot? Yup. But the chaps at SMEIA were really good about it.
Day before the bike had hiccups. As in northern France, which turned out to be an oxygen sensor. Last thing I needed 2hrs from any sized town. BMW checked the error codes, nothing. So it must have been the fuel in Rissani.
All this for a price that, well, would dispel the saying that BMW stands for Breaking My Wallet. hahahaha
Plus they checked the air-filter and washed the bike 🙂 🙂 🙂

By now it was dark.
The cashier had gone home, and they had no system for taking a payment.
Soufiane asked if I had a place to stay. I said no. He said he knew someone.
So he drove me to a medina area, and took me down a dark alley.

Wonder if my kidneys will be here in the morning?

G’nite all.

Ritchie says:

Don’t worry! Those people only take one kidney and leave you in a bathtub full of ice cubes. You’ll be fine!

Richard says:

Sound and looks quite beautiful. Just wish the pic could have been much larger.

biker says:

Me too.
But even standing there, one does not capture everything. Kept finding more details to look at.
It was outstanding.

biker says:

And I forgot to mention the hawkers. Brave men one and all. Stepping out onto the road, showing what I eventually figured out were geodes.
One lot, though, had this greenery they were hawking. I rode by thinking, who would buy herbs/lettuce on this road. About a kilometre later it hit me. I was in Maroc. This green stuff was not for the kitchen table. Laugh? Nearly messed up on the next curve. hahahahahaha.