Awoke to find all my bits and pieces still there. Now you really didn’t think anything was going to happen!

Soufiane came by at 7:40am to pick me up, and I paid the bill and rode the bike home. Down same narrow alleyways. Not much wider than the bike.

How do you know you are in a non-tourist area, cannot find postcards!
Nice thing about the Riad that I stayed in, an old part of town. Easy stroll to everything but postcards 🙂

Maroc Telecom was also a bit of a stroll. But they helped me get my plan updated correctly. The gentleman who did it has lived in New Zeland, Japan and Dubai!

Afterwards I went for a curry. Rice is quite hard to get here. Lots of bread. But I am still “pain”ed out.
Not bad. With a nice cup of chai 🙂

Headed home, and really began to feel under the weather.
Sharrif, the riad owner, took me to the parking area, a long walk for me. And it seemed expensive. Didn’t matter. I went to bed at 6:30pm. Best parking deal was to be there at 8pm.

Awoke at 7am, and moved the bike so I could ride out. Dropped it! Well. Fell over onto the wall. Had taken the panniers off. Then manouvered the bike by hand to get it tight against the wall. Should have done the same, instead of sitting astride the bike. Now have scratches on the windshield! 🙂

Loaded up and headed out.
Another sunny day.