Awoke feeling much better and just in time for breakfast.
Scrambled eggs, some tasty griddle bread, and a dab of jam was just enough.

Had decided last night to stay another day, and was glad I did. Rain. Continuous, and at times heavy.

Out to the bike to pay the guardians, parking attendants who seem to stay there 24/7. Picked up my laptop and umbrella. The riad’s umbrella is full sized, and sometimes catches on both sides of the alleys.

Dropped off the laptop and the riad’s umbrella, then out to mail a postcard, sorry, only the one.

Walk back, picking up some Oulmes water, and the shop gave me the regular price. Nice to be remembered.

Back at the riad, feeling done in. Though better.

First task, sort out the wireless problem. Have a suspicion, that in my attempts to fix TomTom (the laptop program does not recognize the device), I messed up the wireless card. And a few Window’s features, such as ipconfig.
Ended up creating a Powerpoint presentation. No. Not withdrawl symptons. Just a way to capture information, in an organized matter, and help arrive at a solution.
Four hours later, I had a wonderful deck, but no solution.
So wrote the blog for yesterday.
Chatted with new arrivals – from Canada, but living in the Czech Republic.
Then had supper. Vegetarian, and just enough. Same soup as yesterday. Stuffed courgette, with smashed potato and a garlic side.
Dessert was chocolate ice, with mandarin segments. All washed down with a really sweet and fragrant tea.
Back in the room, I sat down, fingers did the walking, and this blog entry is proof that my laptop is fixed.

G’nite all.

PS: over breakfast I added one more day. Wifi works well. Bed is comfy. Shower works. Food is good. Why would I move? Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should follow Jan’s example. Came here from south London, for a short visit 15yrs ago. Jan is the owner. Speaks all 3 languages really well.