Woke up early. Gave me time for TaiChi.
Down for another lovely breakfast. Met a charming lady from near Montpelier, and her two children.

What shall I do today? Well is raining, so ran a virus and malware check on the computer, just in case. All clean.

More chats with Michael and family, plus an offer of a spare room in Prague :):):) Maybe they should check with Barry?

I took a stroll to the bike. Needed some thread to darn a sock. And polish for my boots. Then, because it was so nice, took a stroll to the beach. You can see the area here. Pirates used to set out from here!
Quite pretty. Waves rolling in from the Atlantic. Blue skies to the west.
Thought I might checkout the row-boat ferry that operates between Rabat and Sale. But it looked as if the intermittent heavy rains had closed the business.
Another look at the sky, made me turn home. Just in time. Heavy rains.

So, darned my sock.
Ticked off a few more things on my ToDo list.
Made this entry.
Now down for supper.
Then bed.

G’nite all

Stephen says:

Goodnight Lucifer

Richard says:

Rabat looks quite modern and pretty too. Where to next? The Sahara?

biker says:

The answer will be in today’s blog 😉