Up early. 9hrs of sleep will do that to you.
Came downstars to join all the other Canadians. A crew from Montreal’s south shore came in last night. They were heading out today. But for a few hours, this riad was full with Canadians!

Scrambled eggs, pancakes, banana’s, and yoghurt for breakfast. I really should add some pictures. 
Here is yesterday’s……..

Thought of backing up my BlackBerry. But after breakfast, I found that my BlackBerry connects to the laptop, but the laptop cannot see the BB. Sounds familiar, TomTom?

Well, it is drizzling outside. Think I’ll get to the museum. That is the kind of thing to do on a rainy day. And I have already checked their facebook page, no hint of closure.
Lets find a streetcar.

That is the nice thing about being a tourist. Even a streetcar ride is an adventure 🙂

Short stroll gets me out of the medina.
6MAD ($1) gets me a ticket.
Ticket inspector shows me how to frank my ticket.
And NavFree shows me when it is time to get off.

5mins, and I am in front of the museum. 
Still has workers. Oh. Oh. 
I ask. Closed for another 10days. 
Anybody seen the movie ‘The Money Pit’? hahahahahaha. Every time a contractor was asked the question, “How long?”, the answer was “2 weeks”, and of course………

I leave Rabat on Tuesday. But am I down hearted?
Am heading north-ish, and should be back in Spain later this week.
In theory, I should be in Sevilla on the 22nd. But Leicester seem to do better when I am not there.
My next “appointment” is April, in Paris.
Sounds like I need to ride to Portugal. The Algarve. Sun. Sea. Sand. Whinging Brits;) We can all hang out together. hahahahaha

But for today, I need a Plan B
Cafe on the corner. 7MAD gets me a table, cafe noir, and a glass of water.

Museum of Modern Art then Hassan’s Tower it is.

The museum was around the corner from the cafe. There were some nice items, but this untitled piece made me smile……

Balls with TTC written on them! hmmmmm

A short stroll through Rabat, by a HUGE church, gets me to Hassan’s Tower….

The rectangular red-ish block in the background is it. The other columns were to support the rest of the mosque. But never completed.
Still, You won’t believe how many people climb atop the columns and have their pictures taken!

I then set off to check out a possible venue for a supper at sunset. The beach area is where I wanted to be…..

As you can see, grey skies. So no chance to compare sunsets with California.

Mind you, the walk through the medina and kasbah was interesting.

The beach had lots of buildings. Most were club-houses for surfers. They were out today.
But found a restaurant, with lots of west-facing windows.Had lunch…….

Will I be back?
Nope. I explained about my allergy, but they still served me shrimps:(
Lucky it is only a mild allergy!!!!

Afterwards, I took a stroll along the sea-front. Ocean-front? This is the Atlantic meeting Africa on a normal day

Then around the medina, and catch a streetcar, which took me back across the river.

Have to see the guardian, and make sure my bike is taken care of, for the next two nights.

However, the siren call of a footie game, from 60m away, drew me to a cafe. It was Swansea vs Leicester, and Swansea were winning 1-0. I should have run away right then and there. But I was so happy to catch a game. Vardy looked good. So I ordered a cafe noir and sat down. Big screen in high-def, I was hooked. Then Swansea scored a second. The sort Leicester scored last season. Nick sent me an email (quite rightly) telling me off for watching (jinx).
I left to pay the guardian.

Home in time to fix my BlackBerry connectivity issue, before supper.
There would have been pictures of supper, but a backup was in progress.

Then upstairs to enter this blog.

G’nite Richard.
G’nite all.

Richard says:

We had a good dump of snow yesterdaday, 24cm, although they were saying only 4 cm. And now it’s all frozen over. Time to get out the crampons to get veggies from the market.
Only one more year. You know what I mean.