Last night had been WINDY as well as damp. But, another good night’s sleep.
And blue skies this morning.

Another couple at breakfast. Husband from Belgium. Wife from Gabon. They live in Lille, Tanger and Gabon!!! That is a global life:) They are off on business to Casablanca.

Canadian family off in search of medicine for little Alex. Bit of a cold. Then train to Cassablanca.

Me? I’ve just come from Casablanca! hahaha

Wrote up some postcards. NOT many. Mainly for those with birthdays.
Wandered around the medina in a new route, and still found the post office.
Posted the cards.
Fair warning. Today I had an email in connection with a Happy New Year card, that arrived today.

Wandering back, had lunch……

Chicken had been coated with a spicy green paste, on the inside. Yum!

Then to the bike.
Took the LHS pannier off, in preparation for riding out tomorrow.
Makes it easier to pop up and lube the chain, check the tires, etc

Dropped everything off at home, I had been wearing a jacket, and carrying an umprella.

Then out for a haircut. And a trim for my beard.

As I stepped out of the barbers, met said Canadian family coming back to pickup their luggage. Poor Alex looked quite sick, with an oozing nose, red eyes and pale face.
Wise parents had picked up some medicine for themselves!
When the kids are sick, only a matter of time before they infect the parents! Oh happy days!

After we parted, I went off for dessert n coffee. Means I am back to normal.

Home again, to clean up my emails.
And supper…..

One veggie rissole, and a sweet tea……

The food portions are nouvelle cuisine sized-ish, but they do normally have 5 courses.
Just that one rissole was enough tonight.
The food’s always nice here.

Am back in my room, updating this blog, and getting ready for an early night. Four hour ride tomorrow, which means 5-to-6hrs with stops, assuming I don’t get lost!
To help stay on track, I spent yesterday planning with Google, and capturing the results on my phone. Plus I picked a hotel on the outskirts of Chefchaouen.
How could I go wrong? hahahahahahahaha
In a thousand ways!

If only I had my TomTom? Not likely to happen. Had a reply from TomTom today, suggesting I use another computer for updating their device. hmmmmmm.

G’nite Stephen.
G’nite all.

ps: weather forecasting is important. accuWeather is as bad as all others, but what alternative is there? Said Canadians have found the Norwegians to be good. And so have I, so far.

pps: how come the Norwegians have not made more of their country on the Internet? eg: ?