Tuesday Run to Chefchaouen

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Up to breakfast and walk over to the bike. TLC for the bike, then ride back to the riad.
Ride out. Only lost once, which led me to a nice area on the hill, overlooking Rabat.

Dropped onto the highway, and ran north.
Got the right exit. Nearly fell off the bike laughing. Recognized the road. I was here on my way to Meknes. I was lost that time. Hopefully not this time. And lo, a sign to Chefchaouen 🙂

Rest of the ride to Ouazzane was hard work. Distance was reducing, but time to destination seemed to stay the same.
Countryside was flat, turning into rolling hills. Looked really fertile. Black soil, and lots of water.

Pulled into Ouazzane. Followed the traffic. Scenic route through the town. Found a bona parking spot, so decided to stop for lunch……

A real burger, fresh never frozen, in a loaf of bread. First in Africa. First on this trip. And first Pepsi.

Feeling refreshed, I only had another 70km to go. But distances are deceptive over here.
Luckily the scenary had changed to green hills and deep river valley’s. Nice.
Sun still shining. And I was heading north east, so the sun was at my back or shoulder. No squinting required.
Blue skies.

Ran into Chefchaouen and parked in front of the wrong hotel. Lucky. Didn’t like that one.
Around the corner and off-street parking.

Checked in.
Unloaded the bike.
TLC for the bike.
Mint tea.
Then upstairs to watch the sun go down.
And a movie.

G’nite all.

ps: did you celebrate Valentine’s Day in the tradional way? You can not make this stuff up!

Stephen says:

Lucifer – Sarah and I went to a little restaurant in Parliament Street called “under the table” – its underground – absolutely fantastic food – home cooked by Chefs trained at George Brown. We were in Niagara Falls 2 weekends ago – fancy hotel – Marriott but everything else awful tacky – terrible food – Milestones, Outback, Tony Romas etc. Niagara Falls is a total dump.

biker says:

People cooking good food. Perfect.

As for Niagara Falls food, next time try Michinoku, for sushi. Been really good for a number of years. Located in a tiny strip mall, on Thorold Stone Road opposite Commissio’s supermarket.