Awoke early, but decided to lay in bed.
Some TaiChi then shower.
Out in search of the old town and breakfast.

Found the medina easily enough. And a chocolate croissant enroute.
Chefchaouen is set in the mountains. Right in the mountains. So walking the streets makes Portugal seem flat.
Wandering around I came across this square. 

NOTE: That little structure in the middle is a water source. How do I know? A lady came out of the house on the right, to fill up her buckets.

Walked by, and started up another hill. Seemed a bit steep, before coffee. So returned to the square, and sat down for a glass of fresh squeezed OJ, and a coffee

Now the question is, why move?
It’s nice here. 14degC. Blue skies and no wind. Could just sit here till lunch time……
“Tyashko na emmigratzii” 😉

Suitably refreshed I tackled the hill, bounding up like the goat that I am 😉 Was in search of a restaurant recommended by Lonely Planet. It’s a great way to have an adventure. Cell-phone maps are messed, due to the steep hillside and tall buildings. I would be on two totally different streets, as the map tried to sort out where I was. haha. 
Eventually found the place. No terrace. Closed forever 🙁  Should have overlooked this square……

Nice ceiling though……

For food.
Harira, a tad bland. So used what is becoming fast, the last of my Grand Canyon hot sauce……

Spaghetti bolognaise……

Yes! Yes! I know. How can I do that in Maroc. The answer? Easily! 
Guess I am ready for Portugal and custard tarts.
Mint tea to finish. 
Did not eat the other soup. Am full.

Time for a walk-about.
Smaller medina than others, so easier to navigate.
Met Abdullah, who tried to sell me a camel-hair rug. Had a Canadian Flag in his store. Pretty coincidental on Canada’s Flag Day.

Here’s one of the views…..

Nice little place.
Not as blue as expected.
Really comes alive around 6pm, but seems to start shutting down around 8pm.

Did some planning.
Don’t want to get lost.
Crossing the border tomorrow. Into Ceuta.
A Spanish enclave at the tip of Maroc. Opposite Gibraltar.

See you all on the other side.