Running for the Border

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Up early. Checked the bike. Then started packing.
Had a nice chat with Adam from Cleveland.
Finished packing and rode off.

Outstanding scenary as I rode along the edge of the valley out of Chefchaouen. Stunning.

No breakfast.
But figured on stopping in Tetouan. Pity about the rain.
As I approached Tetouan, the roads became roadworks. And then the rain started. Kept the dust down ๐Ÿ™‚
The city is in between a collection of hills, so the rain looked set for a while. Decided to ride onto the next town.
Good choice. No rain. Though blustery.
Fnideq is a border town with Ceuta.
Fresh squeeze OJ and coffee, but no food until 2pm.
Ran onto the border.

Chaotic as promised. Tons of “helpers”. All unofficial.
Plus a steady stream of people carrying heavy loads, both ways.
Patience and got through. Almost. See below…..

Missing a shtemple on my bike’s paperwork. So parked. Went back. Found an official, who walked over and finalised the paperwork.

Now I came to the Spanish border guards. A lot less stressed. Put in a shtemple for me entering Spain, nice chat, and off to the ferry.
I was going to take a look at the town, but low clouds, blustery wind, and only 14degC, made me run for the ferry.

Nice lady at the doc gate sold me a ticket, and told me to hurry. Seemed weird. Had over an hour.
Ooooops. Forgot about the time change. Asked the police officers in the car-park and they shoo’d me onto the boat. The ramp came up as I parked my bike and strapped it down ๐Ÿ™‚

Boat ride nearly put me to sleep. Gently rocking all the way.
Only some other ships seen. And even Gib was wreathed in damp clouds.

I switched SIM cards and called Bell to activate a travel plan.
And then we were docked.
Getting off the boat was simple. Finding the road out was much harder.
Ended up near the BMW dealer in Algeciras ๐Ÿ™‚
Decided to stay the night, and plan next steps.

Found a nice hotel, the Reina Cristina. Built by a Scottish railway magnate in Edwardian style. Ten foot ceilings, and checkout the wardrobe space…..

Gave the bike some TLC, but did not put on the cover. Needs a wash ASAP.

Took the buffet supper option. I was a little peckish.

Then back to the room.
This planning needs a bit more time. Need to hear back from some people. So will stay an extra night.
Hotel has nice vibe.

Welcome to the other side.

June says:

The Reina Cristina looks cosy! A family could sleep in that wardrobe!
Lovely to find somewhere safe xx

A postcard from Marrakesh today, cheers!

biker says:

Hotel has nice vibes. Must have been outstanding in it’s day.

As for safe. Maroc’s worst danger is getting hassled by people wanting to sell you stuff. But even they backed off if you told them “No”.
And the roads, with holes. But not as bad as Ukraiina.
Highly recommend Rabat, and the riad Repose!

Richard says:

Yay! Civilization again. Vino verde here you go.

biker says:

You and Barry related?
First thing he mentioned upon hearing I was on the Iberian Penninsula was Vino Verde! hahahaha