Up late. Must have been the buffet last night. Made me sleep well.

Nice to have a huge bedroom for TaiChi.

Downloaded new maps on NavFree whilst listening to the radio. It’s nice to be able to follow Doctor Who, whilst doing chores.

Had to smile.Β 
Whilst checking emails, found one asking for confirmation of signatures on a menu. Mine was there. Just cannot recall the event. Only 30+ years ago!
In fact, I can only recollect one formal dinner.
Two if you count the morning after. But that was because someone else ran into a building. Yup. I know. Some buildings, just bob and weave in the mornings. Truth was, he was seeing double, Β and chose the wrong one πŸ˜‰ And to reiterate, it was not me.
Oh happy days πŸ™‚

Chores today.
Rode to a bank, and got some cash. In this square………

A dull, and to some, a chilly day. Nice little church opposite the big one in the photo.

Found a laundry. Have to be back at 7pm.

Washed the bike. It might need another wash, as not showroom clean. Still. Happy to get most of the sand and mud off the bike.

Rode downtown and had a bit of a walkabout. The homes atop of the hill look really neat. And must have quite the view.

Found a place for lunch….

Was nice to have veggies.Especially as I had some really bad junk food from the garage where I washed the bike. hahaha

Upon my return to the hotel found my friends in Portugal had suffered a bereavement. Character-building never stops πŸ™

Sevilla on Saturday. Joaquin promised a biker party.

Ran out to pickup my laundry. Found a GS1200 parked next to mine. Big brother version πŸ™‚
Laundry had washed and dried everything, including my dirty-laundry bag. Wow.

Back via Carrefour. Need a hostess gift.

Faffed around wondering whether to go for supper or not. Decided upon the ‘A la Carte’ restaurant. But it is shut πŸ™ Buffet still open, but cannot do that twice. Plus I had lunch!
Some kind of disco/DJ evening on the dance floor πŸ™

A glass of vino tinto, whilst updating this blog.

Will finish off my munchies in my room. With a cuppa. And breakfast tomorrow.
Need the energy. Over two hours riding tomorrow, and rain forecast. BMW riders get their bikes dirty πŸ™‚

See you in Sevilla.