Up late. Forecast had changed to sunny. So packed and rode out. 
Along with some Renault 5’s. They seemed to have bred overnight. All with stickers (sponsors?) and hash-tags. A couple in the car-park, but more on the road. Cute.

Took the highway to Sevilla.
One roadblock outside the Jerez turn. Police seemed to be looking for someone. Me? No. Just wanted to know if I was enjoying Spain 🙂 

Found Joaquin’s place easy enough. TomTom did it’s job. Joaquin is a biker buddy from Los Pinguinos 🙂

Dumped some gear then ‎straight to a biker do……

Where the music was provided by t‎he Spanish band San Covers . Hosted by the Black Wolf chapter.

Around 7:30pm Joaquin and I headed to Ventorillio Canario for steak.
We ordered two. No discussion. It came medium rare. Nice

Though the surprise hit was the house special, a spicy, garlic and oil dipping sauce for the patatas bravas. Absolutely…….


Then back to park the bikes and a tour of Sevilla.
Joaquin was a great guide and host. The evening was fun, with lots of drinking. With bar-owners, and barmaids, giving us shots, because they know and like Joaquin.

Taxi home, and crash.

Stephen says:

Lucifer – now this looks like fun