Up before the alarm, so plenty of time for breakfast.

Ride over to take a look at Arja’s laptop. Internet connection is via a USB stick. Which connected OK but the browser failed to find any pages.
Ended up being an issue between McAfee and Windows. Weird or what.

Then a spot of lunch.

We parted with me going off to do a bit of shopping. Nail brush. Plastic bags, etc

Back to the hotel, after a ride around Carvoeiro.
Did a spot of planning. Decided to go to Faro.

Next were the support guys at Toronto Library’s audio books. They wrote back with a possible fix.
Since the system upgrade, I had been unable to listen to my books at bedtime 🙁
All AOK now 🙂

Then off for a tandoori. Had seen a likely spot whilst riding through Carvoeiro. Went back. Rice and raita were really good. Chicken was OK. Mushroom bhaji too. Just nice to have a curry 🙂

Short ride home

G’nite all.
Have to go to a place on the beach tomorrow.