Sunday awoke at 10am. Bid farewell to Joaquin. I had left my bike parked in front of a shop door, marked as no-parking. Arrived downstairs to find all AOK, as Joaquin promised.
Rode out to Lagoa and Ron B.
Highways all the way.

Found a spot nearby to stay.
Then lunch with Ron B and Arja 🙂 And a drink (OJ for me) at a beachside bar.

Would have watched the sun go down, but I wanted to book into the hotel before dark. so much for plan A.
TomTom did not recognize the hotel, nor the address. So rode out as per Ron B’s direction, and found myself at the intersection listed by the hotel. Took the turn and ran along until I realised that I was lost. Called. Received almost accurate directions, and found the place.

Booked in and unloaded my go-bag, then back to meet up with Ron B and Arja for supper.
Nice mixed grill.

Back and unpack properly, then update this blog for the past two days.
Whilst watching James Bond on TV 🙂 ‘Skyfall’. Makes me want to go and ride the roof of the Istanbul market. hahaha.

ps: forgot to add a note, about this note, attached to my bike

Canadians are everywhere 🙂