Up to a revelation ref audioBooks, the Toronto library and my BlackBerry. Figured out what the poor programmers are doing. Can now listen to an audioBook and the BBC. Though I have to toggle through the settings.
We are all doomed. These useless programmers are working on our cars and planes.
Think I am exaggerating? Adobe, a world leader, thinks my BlackBerry browser is Safari, running on an Apple iPhone.
Useless programmers.

So packed and bid farewell to Lagoa.

Head out on a scenic route to Faro. My TomTom decided it was not scenic enough. On one roundabout, some 40km from Faro, it told me to take the 3rd exit. So I did. Thinking it strange. As I passed the 2nd exit, I glanced down to find TomTom had changed it’s mind.
Scenic route.
NOTE: TomTom did weird stuff when I rode into Lagoa this morning. Sent me to the right of some new buildings, when the traffic was all heading left. Sure enough. As I merged with the traffic again, the biker who had been behind me, was WAY ahead.
As I said, useless programmers.

Found my route back to Faro, and 5km from the hotel, found a restaurant. Had lunch.
Excellent homemade soup……

Followed by way too much…..

Had to have another water as I could not move. haha

Arrived at the hotel and unpacked.

Took a stroll.
Warm enough for some fig&almond gelato…..

Am staying on a sandbar. Across from the airport.
Nice view of the Atlantic and sunset.
Planes can only be heard on the north section.

Had some vino verde 😉

With a call to Barry, and reminisce about our sojurn on the Iberian penninsula 🙂

Sun was done.
Same for the vino verde.
Back to the room.
Some more BBM chat.
Update this blog.

Tomorrow, a look at Faro 🙂

G’nite all.

June says:

“We are all doomed” !!
The gelato looks delicious; perhaps the ice cream makers of this world should take over from the programmers?

Take good care out there.

biker says:

Nice thought. But do you remember the trouble Britain had with ice-cream in the Common Market? There was no cream in the ice-cream. Just hydrogenated fats, colouring, and flavouring.
Real stuff is hard to find, of any type 🙁
Beer? Aside from a few places in the UK, and one in Munchen, there’s no real beer that I have found in Europe.
Luckily wine and spirits are still OK 🙂
And the smaller restaurants for food 🙂

Richard says:

Soooo jealous. Vino Verde, the sun, the beach and only a short hop over to Lagos for more of the same.
Ride on Mate!

biker says:

Next winter?
Forget Montpelier. Lagos!

Stephen says:


I am always hungry looking at your blogs.
Thanks for the birthday card though I have stopped celebrating them.
Its 10C in Toronto – freak early spring weather.
I am going to start calling you Lucifer-Jesse after Jessi Ventura who is also a biker (ex Navy seal and politician). On his RT TV show it shows him riding his Harley on the wide open roads probably Arizona – saying “this is the ultimate definition of Freedom-riding my harley” You should contact him, and tell him about the “great Lucifers” travel logs.

biker says:

We should all ride motorcycles 🙂