Up early, so wrote the blog for yesterday.

Came downstairs and found the motorcycle covered in sand. Thought it might have washed off the roof. But looking around, all the cars were covered.
Glad I had the cover on the motorcycle.

Packed, settled the bill, and rode out.
A grey day. But 16degC.
Should be a nice 2hr ride to Huelva.

Ran till some 30km from the boats. Models of those that Christopher Columbus set out in, moored at the Meulle de las Carabelas.

The road was closed, so I parked and walked up. A guard blew his whistle and yelled something in Spanish. I walked up, and he explained that the whole museum was closed, not just the road.
Boo. Hoo.

Rain had been threatening since I entered Spain, so headed for the hotel. TomTom led me into some roadworks. Another opportunity for practicing my off-road skills, in the wet and mud.

Found the hotel.
Just as well I had read about the Chinese restaurant nearby. Acted as a marker. Needed one. TomTom removes the destination once you ride by it. A tad annoying. Especially if you have to circle the block in order to find parking.

Booked in.
The rain had started now in earnest.
Brought the bike closer. Was a bit worried about the traffic. Mothers picking up their kids from school. Not usually focus’d on chaps on bikes.
Parked the bike in a garage, and gave it some TLC. There must have been a lot more sand enroute. Funny. No trace of sand whilst in the desert!

Popped into the Chinese, for a nice bowl of vegetable soup…..

….and dry-rubbed ribs. Both excellent. Photo for only one.
That was breakfast taken care of.

Back to the hotel. A map. And off for a stroll.
The Huelva museum is neat. And FREE. Finds from pre-history, through to Roman, with everyone else in between. Plus a few artist exhibits.

Walked down to Plaza de las Monjas.

With the statue of Columbus, or was it Colon? And did he spy for the Portuguese?

Then down to the river. An old pier has been tranfored into a multi-level pedestrian walkway. Took this photo…..

Picked up some ham on the way back to the hotel. Just as well. Hotel’s restaurant does not open till 8pm.
Ham is a bit sweet for me. I prefer the dry, salty ham, that used to be easy to find. Before they started injecting brine into the pork. The only place I know now is Stoney Creek. Italians there buy up legs of pork, and make their own 🙂

Well. That is everyone up to date. Vino tinto next. Supper. Bed. Early night.
Return to Faro tomorrow.
Biker party 🙂