Wednesday, Faro and Leicester

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Up early but still dark, so listened to the Beeb. I like to follow some of the radio serials.

Then up shower and on the bike. Recce time. Need to find where the Faro moto club is. 
Had checked the location on Google last night. But as it turned out, not closely enough! Last night I plugged the address into TomTom, and it found the location. So I thought. Was on the right street. And the shape looked the same. So this morning, full of confidence, off I rode. Hmmm. So I accepted that TomTom did not know about the motorcycle club, even though it has been here for 30yrs. But getting the address wrong?
My first pass took me by a possible location, but 50m off the address. Took a look around the back, nothing. So rode around, and realised that the “possible location” was a fire station. So took a closer look on the other side, and nothing. Figured I’d better ask for directions. And I needed fuel. Lo and behold a BP station. Pulled in and filled up. Two police bikes rolled in. I asked. He pointed to the building nextdoor 🙂 That’s when I noticed the name on the awning’s edge, and the logo in the windows! hahaha
Useless TomTom programmers. Took me to the wrong roundabout! A whole kilometre in the wrong direction.
Still, this is why I was doing a recce. Will be able to ride here, knowing the location, on Friday. Biker party!

TLC for the bike then an espresso for me, with a pasteis de nata (custard tarts).

Now time to checkout Faro.

NOTE: heard yesterday that Toronto is also supposed to be 17degC and sunny on Wednesday. Weird or what. But as it turned out, Environment Canada was wrong, and the Norwegians were right!!!

Well it was 17degC in Faro when I climbed aboard the bike this morning. Warmer now. As I sit sipping tisane, outside the old town, watching the world go by 🙂
And thinking how nice bikers are 🙂 One popped over to me, and invited me to the Moto club for friday 🙂 🙂 🙂

Have walked around the old town. The museum is impressive. An old nunnery. I really liked the paintings.
And the roof.
Had to ask why there were different sizes and shapes, in different areas. Turns out that the nuns had a roof to match the size of their room. So the bigger the roof, the bigger the room, and by inference, the more important the person. 
Some things never change. haha

Meanwhile, am sat in this cafe as a recce for tonight. How else am I going to watch Leicester beat Sevilla? But not here. WiFi is too European. My BlackBerry will not connect 🙁

Back to yesterday’s lunchtime spot. Took a photo of the name: U Pontul. Right by the aeroport. Not listed on the web.
No special today, so going for the Mist fish. Never heard of that. And am not going to look it up till after. hahahaha
Mist fish turned out to be the same little fish that I had yesterday 🙂 Only there seemed to be more than yesterday. And the rice was different. A true sign of home cooking.
Had just the one dish. Lesson learned. Yesterday’s lunch kept me going till today!

Rode home and enquired about watching Leicester @ Sevilla in the Champions League. But Porto is playing, so when in Portugal…… Still, whilst catching up on paperwork, I found a German channel showing the game!
Good news: Leicester have a really good goalie in Schmeichel. And Vardy scored.
Bad news: Leicester’s midfield is still porous, hence we lost 2-1
But that away goal means we only need to win 1-0 in the return engagement in Leicester. So there is hope.

Had piri chicken in my room, whilst watching the game.
The chicken tastes different here. Must be because the chicken run around the countryside and the back-roads 🙂

So with those happy thoughts, I closed my eyes, and went to sleep.