Good Service, Bikers and Party

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Awoke and brought the bike back to the hotel.
Ran back to Faro.
NOTE: I was hoping to ride with my Sevilla biker brother, but he decided to take the bus 🙁

Stopped off at a service station for breakfast. Was carrying the dessert, espresso and OJ to my table. Spilt the espresso, mostly onto my dessert. Started mopping up the table, when the waiter came over with a cloth, AND a new espresso!
Now that is service!
Los Mezillos was the bar/restaurant.

Quickly came into Faro, and the biker club. Had a nice lunch.

Biker buddy going to be here for 5:30pm, so off I went to book into my accommodation and clean the bike.

Wash point was by the airport, and quite the queue. Sand from Morocco had been dumped onto the Algarve. So lots of customers.

As I was lub’ing the chain, a gentleman came by. He used to live in Oakville. Saw my ‘Budd’s of Oakville’ licence holder and started chatting. Had a great conversation with Ruis-Franco. Lasted so long that I had to ride straight to the club.

Joaquin was there so we had a beer.
The van-driver (met 2 days ago) came in and we all went to hospital. Veikko (another biker) is in after a car knocked him over on Wednesday. We all kibbutz’d in a variety of languages.

Then back to the club house.
Lots of beers.
Lots of chat.
Met the gentleman for whom this fundraiser was being held.
More beers.
Then it was time to leave.
The place was full. And so was I.
Maybe I am becoming wiser 🙂

Made sure the bike was OK, then walked to my hotel.