Up late.
But I had till 1pm to meet up with Joaquin.
Had to wake him up.
Apparently party continued to 6am.
Glad I left.
I was able to have a beer,
whereas Joaquin had water.

We headed downtown. Hotel Faro is supposed to have good pasta. As well as an outstanding view. We found the view, but the kitchen was closed.
Barman suggested another place, close by, so off we went.
I had a nice spaghetti carbornara, with some vinho verde

Then Joaquin introduced me to Da Baixa coffee bar. Nice people. Nice coffee.

Joaquin went back to the moto club to pack. We arranged to meet at the bar, top of Hotel Faro.
I arrived early.So I caught the sunset. And more vino verde.
Joaquin and two others showed up. All catching the train to Sevilla.
A quick drink and farewells.

I walked back to my hotel, had a port on the terrace, and to bed.

Richard says:

Where’s a pic of the sunset?

biker says:

All locked up in my memory.

You should come and visit!

Not my mind 😉