Up early but decided to rest. Two days of drinking requires a rest 🙂

Back to the Baixa for an espresso and OJ. Breakfast of champions 🙂

Then onto Namastey for a curry….

Walked up to the biker bar and prepped the bike for riding. Then popped in, to say goodbye.

Rode only as far as the hospital. Went in to visit Veikko. He seems healthier than on Friday. A good sign. We had a good chat. And I found out that two of the three in that ward are bikers run over by cars.
Am begining to think that my Friday evening idea of removing the wheels of the offending cars, will make the roads safer for us all!
Veikko was on his 3rd visitor, as I left 🙂

Rode back to the hotel and covered the bike up.

Did some prep for supper, then the ride tomorrow.

Supper was nice.
Love those marinated carrots in garlic.
No photos of the pork, that was done in thin slices. Really tasty.
And a chat with Americo, whose table I was sat at. Place was really busy. We used mainly French.

Back home. Heard some sad news. Andy Ferenc passed away. Was my brother-in-law. A great guy. Seriously great. Had a great family. Built a good business. And could party. Great memories. MS took hold of him. But never beat him.

So readers, if you have anything on your wishlist, do it now.

Or as the motto of the Faro Moto Clube states, “Live to Ride. Ride to Live”. Whatever your ride may be.

G’nite all.