Another Sunny Monday in Paradise

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Up, but lay in bed listening to ‘Just a Minute’. 77th series has started.
Then up, check the bike and pack.
Heading up to Sintra.

Had lunch at one service station. Quite nice. With real meat and potato.

100km further stopped for dessert. When I came out, found 3 BMW bikers next to mine. All from Israel. Rented the bikes. Only have a week on the road.
Nice chat.
They had 2 punctures since Friday! They were running into Lisboa in order to get new tires.
We ran together until close to Lisboa. Then I ran for Sintra.

Rode into town, to find the place was full. Turned out that today is a holiday in Portugal. People were everywhere.
The narrow tight twisties, with hilly damp roads, and tourists driving made quite a challenge.
The hotel is on a steep hill, with a driveway that had seen better days. Another challenge and opportunity.

TLC for the bike.
Then took a photo of the view…..

Did you see the castle at the top of the hill?

Nice old house with real wood, and high ceilings.
Everything works.

Then walk into town for supper…….

Tasty 🙂

Came outside to find rain. Grabbed a cab.

Back in the room to catch Leicester City beating Liverpool 🙂 🙂 🙂
Leicester had only 38% of the possession. Vardy scored two goals. This is the Leicester of last season 🙂

And on that happy note, G’nite All.