Awoke early so ran my TaiChi exercises.
Then down for breakfast.
Chatted with Erik, a Dutch teacher.
Then packed. 
And off to see the sights.

Hmmmm. If you want character building exercises, try riding your somewhat laden bike down a steep slope, in the rain, on a broken concrete driveway, with gravel and potholes strewn everywhere. 
Throw in a tight bend, with a big ditch, before the low concrete wall, and the 5m drop.
If you make it around that you have to transition onto the muddy, gravel section, before you hit the high-speed traffic on the tarmac.
I am sooOooOooooo glad I have faith in the bike’s abilities.

After that it got worse.
Up and down twisties, in the rain, with crazy tourists everywhere.

Met a fellow biker on the road. The car drivers ahead of me were confused. I sat for 10mins until they eventually sorted themselves out.
He went into the palacio, but I looked at the climb, and rode on.

Erik, the Dutch, had told me about Cabo da Roca. The most westerly point of continental Europe. So I rode there next. Here’s proof…..

Met a nice family from Maderia. Young 16yr old lad is a biker, but wants a biker bigger than 125cc !

Then to a random spot for lunch.‎
Great view. Good service. Some nice food.
NOTE: Would post this restaurant’s GPS co-ordinates, but not available from TomTom. My dining companions were 3 BMW bikers, who use their cell-phones, not a GPS device. Sign of the future?

Did you notice the palacio atop the hill? Just follow the umbrella up to the skyline.

Having found a good parking spot, I gave some TLC to the bike. 
Took off my waterproofs, as the weather had cleared up.
Lunch of vegetable soup and a burger.
Rode on, much refreshed.

Turns out there are all sorts of nice places to stop, along the road. Many with a small cafe. All with a great view.
Tempting to carry a picnic basket. Others do.

Rode into Peniche.
Found the B&B.
Booked in.
Took a stroll.
Bumped into carnival. Or, more accurately, the end of the parade.

Then walked over to the lighthouse at Peniche. This sunset is for you Richard 🙂

Then home, with supper on the way…..

Yes that is a platter of fish! I could not finish it all. But I did finish all the greens! First greens since the apartment in Valladolid.

Followed the wall, ancient Peniche fortification, that took me home. Nice to have a guide when in a new city 🙂

Richard says:

Wow! Thanks Lube. When I looked up Peniche, one of the attached photos shows a sunset just like yours.
Great stuff!

biker says:

High praise indeed. From a professional