Up for Tai Chi and breakfast.
Check the bike.
Then ride out to my “I must go here, coffee shop”.
Arrived and asked for this……

No idea what I had ordered. But turned out to be “shquvarkii” in corn bread! I love Portugal 🙂

Ran up to the coast for a last look at the Atlantic waves. D**n it was nice!

Then headed north.

Superb castle on a hill as I rode onto the highway! Don’t get this in Canada.

The next four hours were just riding.
Gave my bike some TLC along the way.
Then had some apples to go along with the pork-bread (above).

The apples were simple and tasty. Still surprises me that you can get real food at random service stations. Nice surprises.

Popped into Guimaraes, a historical centre of Portugal.

Then a short ride took me into Braga.
Found the hotel.
Booked in.
Asked and was sent to this restaurant for supper.

Steak was perfect on the inside, though a bit tough. Real mushrooms, with real flavour, and greens 🙂
Dessert was a crepe, though a couple of days late 😉

A nightcap on the way home.

And so endeth my first day in Braga.